Kief: The Most Unique Part of Cannabis and #1 Producer of All Our Favorite Cannabinoids

Written By: Daniel Cina 

If one thing is true about life it is that there is more than meets the eye. One may look at trash and see treasure, while others see the opportunity in failure. Well the same thing applies to the world of cannabis. There is always more than meets the eye with your bud so I implore you to pick one up from your stash and look at it. You’ll notice the obvious things such as the color, stems, leaves, aroma etc. but what about the kief? . 

Did you notice the very small green almost dust-like particles on your cannabis? Your answer should be yes, otherwise your cannabis is sub-par. These small green dust-like particles also known as Kief are what we are here to talk about today, and as insignificant as they look just remember, there is more than meets the eye! 

What Is Kief 

Trichomes that will eventually become Kief Kief is truly what makes the cannabis world turn. It is the dried up trichomes from cannabis plants, and if you know about trichomes then you know how important they are. The job trichomes perform on cannabis plants is cranking out cannabinoids. They are the factory that makes everything we love about weed including THCA,CBD,CBG,CBN, and so much more. 

Trichomes on a live cannabis plant can look like thousands of tiny bulbous white appendages, and as the cannabis plant is cut and dried these trichomes dry with the rest of the cannabis turning it into kief. The result is a bud of flower that appears to be covered in a green (high quality kief can stay white) dust like substance which is kief.  

Kief has always been ingrained in the cannabis community due to its function, and it is something that people have drastically explored over the years. While many dispensaries sell it, many will argue that “real stoners” earn it at the bottom of their grinders. The difference in this first off is the time commitment, but more importantly the type of kief you’re getting. Say I bought it from a dispensary; it will be strain specific so it is only one type. Kief at the bottom of our grinders has been mixed together over time with all the strains you’ve been toking and grinding.

This means the possibilities for the type of kief you can get from your grinder is virtually endless! I affectionately remember a stretch of time when I was indulging myself on nothing but top shelf flower. The resulting mixture of it at the bottom of my Santa Cruz Shredder gave me an incredibly potent elevation due to its high quality and large variations in the strains that made this mixture. That is probably one of the coolest things about it to me and many others. You can really experiment with it and get an elevation unlike any other! 

Why Everyone loves Kief

It is something that stoners always want to get their hands on. The reason for this is their potency. It has a much higher potency than a regular cannabis bud specifically due to the function trichomes serve. Since trichomes serve as the cannabinoid factory, kief is  loaded with pure cannabinoids(especially THC) which contributes to a much more potent elevation. 

When I say it is much more potent, I mean it. In all my years of smoking some of the most intense and vivid elevations I have ever felt have been from utilizing kief in my snaps and bowls. The most amazing part is it does not take a lot to get its supreme elevation. I usually put 1-2 layers of it in my bowl and without fail my head is in the clouds afterwards! 

The strong potency of kief is amazing, and highly sought after, however like anything else it is a double edged sword. Due to how strong it is, you can easily green-out if you do not take care of managing your consumption especially if you have a lower tolerance for cannabis. It is definitely something that is utilized more among seasoned smokers who have the tolerance to handle it. This should not deter you from trying it because kief is A-1 amazing, but be sure to take care of your consumption with it because a green-out is no fun and ruins your vibe. 

Versatility of Kief 

Another reason it is loved among stoners is the versatility it possesses. Many sprinkle it into their bowl pieces as the main mode of consumption, but it has many more functions. Another popular method of consumption is through an infused joint. These joints are rolled like a standard one, but with the extra fun of being dipped in wax and then rolled in (you guessed it) kief! These infused joints tend to have much higher percentages than a standard one thanks to the wax and kief infusion. 

Lastly, it can even be utilized in your kitchen! Decarboxylated kief is a popular choice for infusions and your favorite cannabis recipes, so if you like to cook with cannabis then you should try incorporating it into your dishes for some extra elevation! 

Kiefy Strains 

It is important to note that not all cannabis strains are created equal. This is true in their genetic makeup, flavors, aromas, cannabinoid percentages, and even kief output. Some strains of cannabis naturally produce higher yields from their nugs, which is why when many of these strains are grown to the highest quality possible they will appear “frosty” because they are covered in the best quality kief. 

So if you want to try some extra kiefy strains of cannabis from your local Nectar then the following strains are for youGG#4




Whether you are a seasoned kief connoisseur or just beginning the life of a stoner, this stuff is something you must try! It provides an elevation unlike any other, and will shock you with how such small amounts can send your elevation to the moon. So next time you are smoking a bowl, don’t be afraid to check compartment #3 for some extra magic to cast your stoner spell!

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