CBD: The #1 Non-Psychoactive Amazing Cannabinoid

Written By: Faith Steele

Second to THC, CBD is one of the most sought-after cannabinoids due to its potential medicinal properties with no psychoactive effects and has been utilized in this way for years. With its popularity only growing, I thought it would be important to explain not only why someone would use a CBD heavy product, but what it is, and to also clear up some common misconceptions about this important cannabis product.CBD

Why CBD?

Hemp contains CBDOne thing that is rather fascinating about this amazing cannabinoid is where it can come from. It tends to be the second most abundant cannabinoid in the cannabis plant, however you can also derive it from sources such as hemp plants, tree bark, and some fruits. This is why you have probably seen CBD products stocked in your favorite stores and restaurants; These products do not come from Cannabis and therefore do not need to be regulated in the same way. These non cannabis CBD products are also able to be sold to anyone over 18 per Oregon law.

*** You Still Must Be 21 or Older to Buy CBD products from Nectar

*** Although chemically they have the same make up, many report that they achieve better results using CBD that is derived from cannabis and not from places like hemp. Due to the small amount of research available, we are not quite sure why this is.

Now that cannabis is becoming more and more mainstream there are a lot more studies being done on the effects of isolated cannabinoids. We can’t say for certain, but it could be pointing to benefits in many different areas such possible anxiety and pain relieving effects when used in controlled studies.

Studies on CBD

In one study, teenagers aged 18-19 were shown to have a positive response when using hemp derived CBD to treat their Social Anxiety Disorder [1] and in another, close to 80% of patients reported anxiety relief with regular use over a three month period [2]. The relationship between CBD and anxiety is something scientists are still trying to understand, but one of the reasons for these benefits could be its ability to stimulate the bodies serotonin system.

Now while CBD has been known to address pain and provide relief, something I hear a lot is that it can be used as a general pain suppressant which is not the case. There are different categories of pain, and the two that we think it excels at addressing are neuropathic and inflammatory pain.

This could be due to CBD hindering the release of glutamate in the body meaning it could potentially work to lessening the prickling and burning sensations associated with nerve pain. This also means that it could work differently than other anti-inflammatory medicines with the potential benefit of being a natural compound.

CBD Products

Depending on why you are taking it, you are going to be looking at different products. While cannabis effects everyone differently, I have found in my experience that high CBD low THC products are used for things like anxiety, while 1:1 or 2:1 CBD:THC ratios help me more with pain relief and relaxation.

No matter what I am medicating for, I like to have a fast acting and slow acting option for my CBD; Some CBD flower or a cartridge for when I want an immediate effect, and an edible or tincture to take at the beginning of my day as a baseline. I have found a lot of success in managing my own mental health by using the Deep Creek Garden’s Huckleberry Web strain (Usually a 2:1 or lower ratio) in tandem with Bobsled’s Live resin THC/CBD tincture.

Tasty's has THC/CBD gummiesOther products I have greatly enjoyed are strains like AC/DC and Pennywise, both relatively low in THC, but also edibles like Tasty’s 2:1 double berry and 1:1 strawberry gummies have done wonders for me in terms of bodily relaxation. The options for CBD products are truly endless, so be sure to ask your Budtender what option they would recommend for whatever you are trying it for.

Even though studies are still being conducted and we are still learning, I am extremely passionate about educating my community on all the potential benefits of cannabis. I have seen first hand how things like CBD can drastically effect someones life with the relaxation it provided. It can be disheartening that even with all the progress we have made stigma still exists and surrounds the world of cannabis, but I am happy to do my part as an advocate for daily cannabis use. I hope you found this article useful, and thank you for reading! If this has only piqued your interest then be sure to read our other Cannabinoid articles on CBG, CBN, THCA, and terpenes!


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[2: Cannabidiol in Anxiety and Sleep: A Large Case Series – PMC (nih.gov)]

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