Wyld Gummies: New 100mg Sour Tangerine Flavor

Written By: Daniel Cina 

We all have times where our taste buds are craving something truly sweet, delectable treat that’ll undoubtedly brighten your day and  put a smile on your face. Whether you enjoy gummies, candy, or whatever your sweets preference is, we all love that tasty sugar rush, and as amazing as that is there is the one special ingredient we all love that elevates the whole experience. 

In this endeavor Wyld Gummies are the perfect selection to satisfy that sweet sugar rush craving, while achieving peak elevation An amazing choice for those who prefer a smokeless experience, we are here today to talk about a new product from the premiere edibles company in not just Oregon, but the entire country. 

The Wyld Way 

Wyld Gummies LogoIf you are familiar with any of Wyld Gummies’ amazing products then you know that they are truly a quality comes first brand. Their commitment to putting the absolute best product possible in each individual package through their strict testing and compliance is truly a sight to behold. Their products are made with real fruit puree and all natural ingredients for amazing flavor, but also to reflect Wyld Gummies’ love for nature in all its beauty and their commitment to operating in conjunction with the environment. After all, a pack of Wyld gummies is the perfect option for an adventure in the great outdoors

This dedication to crafting high quality edible products has catapulted Wyld to the top of the game alongside their plethora of product selection, and they are not done yet! I am elated to tell you about their newest product to enjoy so keep reading and allow me to tell you about Wyld Gummies’ new hybrid enhanced sour tangerine gummy

Wyld Gummies New Sour Tangerine Flavor

New Sour Tangerine flavor From Wyld GummiesWyld Gummies’ new sour tangerine flavor will have your eye’s light up with its amazing sour and sweet flavor with a taste so premium, the only thing better is the elevation that it provides. Made with real concentrated tangerine juice this new product stays in line with Wyld’s standard of utilizing real ingredients that will deliver a burst of citrus flavor in every single bite. Furthermore this new gummy is made using the same rigorously tested premium cannabis extract that makes every Wyld Gummies product an excellent option in smoke-less elevation. 

Coming in as a 10-pack this new Wyld Gummies’ sour tangerine flavor possesses 10mg of THC for a light, easy and elevating experience. Portion out your consumption for your perfect potency so you can experience your Wyld side! 

The World of Wyld Gummies

Wyld 1:1 THC & CBD gummiesWyld’s new sour tangerine gummy may be the newest installment in their long line of products but it is by no means their first in delivering pure deliciousness and smooth elevation in every bite. You can be rest assured that every single product from Wyld Gummies will meet the same quality standard of their new sour tangerine gummy. With gummies that meet every need in elevation, you can find your perfect selection in Wyld Gummies like you can find your perfect purchase in cannabis at your local Nectar

If you are looking for sativa leaning gummies to add a kick to your day then give their sour apple gummies or raspberry gummies a try. Need something to help you sink into your couch for a relaxing night in? Well Wyld has got you covered with their boysenberry, marionberry, and elderberry gummies! For those looking for the benefits of cannabinoids without the elevating effects not to worry! Try Wyld’s CBD and CBN hemp gummies. 

We’re not done yet though! For those looking for a more potent experience from their gummies, try the Wyld One single gummies. A gummy single that contains 100mg of THC, these are an amazing option to experience supreme elevation that is perfect for stoner activities. 

At Your Local Nectar

Wyld gummies Grape Single 100mg gummyWyld is a truly special brand that encapsulates the Oregionian spirit through their commitment to high quality products, devotion to working in conjunction with the environment, and passion for the communities that they serve. They are a brand that we are truly proud to carry on our shelves, and their new sour tangerine gummies are an amazing addition to their overall track-record of excellence within the cannabis industry. 

Know that these new sour tangerine gummies and more products from the amazing world of Wyld are readily available for purchase at your local Nectar. Whether you save yourself some time and order online or have a conversation with one of our friendly budtenders to help you find your perfect choice, know these amazing product options from Wyld are only a short trip away! So take a visit to your local Nectar for a premiere cannabis shopping experience and so you can experience your Wyld side!

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