Stoner Movies: Our Top 10 Recommendations for Awesome Movies to Watch when Elevated

Written By: Daniel Cina

When it comes to stoner activities, there are few that are as classic and enjoyable as watching movies. Thats right folks we are talking cinema, the silver screen, the big time… you get my gist. Stoners watching movies is as common an occurrence as eating breakfast and there is a reason for that!

From visually stunning adventure movies that transport you to a new world, to action flicks that will have you riding the edge of your seat or even stoner comedies full of belly bursting laughter with characters as stoned as the rest of us, movies offer stoners some of the most unique mediums for entertainment that have ever been invented.

The only thing that makes watching movies more even more enjoyable is the inclusion of cannabis… obviously. Whether you prefer an energetic sativa to help you stay locked into that awesome action flick or a couch sinking indica to experience supreme relaxation while enjoying something visually stunning, cannabis and movies go together like the best peanut butter and jelly sandwich you’ve ever had. Whether or you are flying solo or hanging with your best buds, watching a movie while experiencing some supreme elevation is an amazing catalyst to having a great time.

In the spirit of how perfectly well cannabis and movies go together, We are here to give our top 10 recommendations on movies to watch while enjoying some fresh, green, and gorgeous cannabis from your local Nectar.

Top 10 Movies For Stoners

#1: Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle: 

What better movie to get started with than a tale of two stoner buddies going on a late-night road-trip to White castle with hijinks ensuing. From buying weed from college students, getting arrested, being bitten by a raccoon, and even having their car stolen by Neil Patrick Harris, Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle is a classic and quintessential stoner comedy that is apart of cannabis’ rich history in cinema. Be careful however, after watching this one you may be tempted to go on a road-trip for a White Castle Slider!

#2: The Big Lebowski: 

The Big Lebowski is a quintessential stoner movie We all know who “The Dude” is! The Big Lebowski is another amazing comedic movie for stoners to enjoy. The film is a true paragon of the “wrong place at the wrong time” movie troupe that keeps viewers on the edge of their seat wondering what will happen next! What is truly amazing about this film however, is that it encapsulates the concept of floating through life, rolling with the punches as they come, and enjoying the present now. Three things that truly capture the essence of the stoner way of life. 

So enjoy some amazing elevation such as some Higher Cultures concentrates, sit back, and learn a lesson or two from “The Dude”.

#3:The Lord of the Rings & The Hobbit Trilogies

Of all the movie series that deserve to be watched, The Lord of the Ring and the Hobbit Trilogies are some of the most visually stunning movies that you can enjoy. With visually stunning action and adventure with underlying themes that address core natures of the human condition, it would be impossible for me to only recommend one of these movies, they all should be watched. 

Follow the Fellowship of the Ring on their quest through green forests, misty mountains, and barren hell-scapes to save Middle Earth from evil forces. Or witness a band of heroes come together to reclaim a lost kingdom in The Hobbit! Gather your friends, get some elevation equipment such as a refreshing Keef Soda and plan your movie marathon to elevate the day away watching Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit trilogies! 

#4: Fast Times At Ridgemont High: 

Movie character Jeff Spicoli is the stoner of the filmThere is one definitive reason that this wild coming of age film makes the list of stoner classics, and that is the character Jeff Spicoli. Spicoli is a stoner by all definition in the film which causes him to get caught in hilarious antics such as wrecking the star football players 1979 Camaro and blaming it on the rival team or getting into comedic feuds with the film’s authoritative figure, Mr. Hand the history teacher.

While there is plenty of this awesome stoner movie that does not focus on cannabis, Jeff Spicoli’s presence in this classic makes it an all time stoner movie to watch. Furthermore Jeff Spicoli’s character left us with a legendary movie line that also perfectly exemplifies the stoner attitude. “All I need are some tasty waves, a cool buzz, and I’m fine.”

#5: John Wick Series: 

If fast paced intense action is what you like to see when enjoying a stoner movie then look no further than the John Wick series. Few action stars do it better than Keanu Reeves, and the John Wick series cemented his status as an action movie star. With intricate chases, daring assignments, and a hero with nothing to lose, watching John Wick will show you why you don’t mess with Keanu Reeve’s car! 

For a movie such as this, I would recommend a potent premium sativa so you stay zoned in on the amazing action of this film. A great option is some hybrid flower strains from AVO, one of our Nectar brands grown in beautiful southern Oregon. Affordable and premium, making it a perfect option for this film.

#6: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Also one of the films on this list that is not necessarily centered around cannabis, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is a complex sci-fi romance starring legendary actors Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet who play ex lovers that rekindle their connection during the process of a mind erasing program that is supposed to make them forget each other. With a highly complex plot, unexpected twists, and a beautiful theme as we explore the minds of the couple, this film will have your brain working overtime to keep track of whats happening! 

For a complex and beautiful stoner film such as this, I would recommend something potent and relaxing to let the stoner thoughts flow while enjoying the movie! An indica strain from our very own Sunshine Weed Co. to help enjoy the Eternal Sunshine is a poetically awesome choice for this.

#7: Cheech and Chong: Up in Smoke:

We couldn’t forget about the original stoner duo Cheech and Chong! Their film Up in Smoke helped pioneer the concept of stoner films. Their depiction of stoners is one of the funniest classic depictions you can find. Many of us already remember the most memorable scene of this film, when the duo light up an absurdly massive joint and proceed to hot-box their car which leads to massive amount of smoke billowing out. Fun fact, the production crew had to use a fog machine to create the massive smoke effect that resembled hot-boxing a car.

Released in 1978, Up in Smoke is gives some hilarious insight into how stoners were viewed during the time period, with an immersive film that makes you feel like you are in the back seat, participating in the stoner hijinks! For a legendary film such as this, I would recommend an high quality infused joint to elevate just like the legendary duo of Cheech and Chong.

#8: Avatar

One of the highest grossing films of all time, Avatar is a visual wonder that literally transports you to a different world. Follow the story of marine Jack Sully as he navigates the magnificent planet of Pandora and befriends the Na’vi who are fighting against invading humans. With an amazing cast, strong plot, and visually stunning setting, there is a reason Avatar has remained a highly popular movie over the years, with the third film currently in production.

What makes this movie so amazing to me however is the underlying theme of living in accordance with nature and finding balance within yourself. This theme that the film promotes is a beautiful expression of the circle of life and how everything has a connection. Every time I watch this film, I get the sudden urge to go exploring in the great outdoors

#9: Pineapple Express: 

This movie is one of the most legendary stoner movies in modern times. From the innovative funny mind of Seth Rogen, this film follows the story of a stoner and his dealer who witness a murder and have to take down a drug ring to survive being killed themselves. 

With an awesome cast, and thoroughly hilarious plot, Pineapple Express helped normalize the concept of cannabis and the people who consume it in a more modern era. It is a stoner movie that catered to a new generation of cannabis enthusiasts that is full of one liners that I still quote to this day with my own friends. What really makes this movie enjoyable though is when you have elevated with the titular strain that serves as the movie title, Pineapple Express

#10: Your Favorite Movie

We all have our favorite film regardless of genre. Your favorite movie is always a great choice when enjoying cannabis. Experience all the parts of the film that make it your favorite with the added enjoyment of supreme elevation. Let the film take you away as you cast off into an elevating and eye-catching visual adventure.

Whatever your preference is, movies and cannabis are an amazing combination that will lead to a pleasant experience. Whether you are alone, with your friends, or significant other, enjoying some cannabis and watching a movie is a classic choice that will not leave you disappointed. 

Whether you are just watching one movie or planning a stoner movie marathon, be sure to stop by your local Nectar first so you can find the perfect selection to pair with your film.

Be sure to not forget the snacks for when those pesky munchies kick in. Check out our list of munchie snacks to pair with your movie!

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