Stoner Hobbies: 10 Awesome Hobbies that Can Potentially Boost Mental Health Management

Written By: Josh Quinn

Whether you like to smoke and chill or get stoned and climb a mountain or anything in between, these days mental health is at the forefront of our minds regardless of the activity. There’s arguably nothing more important than taking care of your mental health and wellbeing, especially in today’s world. Now for all the stoners out there looking for ways to experience elevation and take care of themselves emotionally, spiritually and even holistically we’ve put together a shortlist of 10 stoner hobbies that can potentially boost the management of your mental health. 

Top 10 Stoner Hobbies

 Hobbies in Mother Nature 
Crater Lake is great for some outdoor stoner hobbies In Oregon, we are blessed to have access to some of the greatest wonders of the world at our footsteps including Crater Lake National Park, the Cascade Mountain Range and so much more. Taking advantage of these and many more natural wonders is a stimulating and healthy way to exercise your mind and body.  Being outdoors can stimulate your physical and mental senses, while exercise will get your endorphins going too. Whatever activities you prefer, nature is a great place for stimulation and elevation should you choose. Regardless of your reasons to enjoy the great outdoors, be sure to be prepared as Mother Nature can be an absolute force if not respected.
Model building
The calming, meticulous and ornate nature of building these small crafts is a repetitive exercise some find pleasing to their mind. It also promotes healthy creativity and when paired with a pleasant strain of flower or potent dab it can be a really cool added effect. Personally, I like to get a little stoned and take my thoughts off of things so being involved with a miniature or model really grabs my attention and the other mundane or stressful things from the day fade away. Think of model airplanes or train sets, but nowadays there are so many more options for game play and action-adventure gaming too. Dungeons and dragons, Warhammer, The Walking Dead and Star Wars all have their own versions of this popular past-time.
Gaming Hobbies( Digital or Old-School Tabletop)

chess is a game that is stimulating for the mind and good for mental healthA favorite pastime for the gamers and stoners to chill out and get lost in another world. Video games are a mentally stimulating adventure from the safety of your own home and can bring people a lot of joy. Gaming itself has a rich history, especially the tabletop formats (which include many games that incorporate models such as DND). 

Now add your favorite cannabis product such as concentrates or kush to elevate and enrich the lore and fable in the stories around specific games or get together and challenge friends to tournaments and elevate the day away.  Personally, I think chess is a good example of a game with high levels of strategy, fun and focus. It is proven to boost your critical thinking and memory, which is good for mental health, and can be an entertaining low stakes activity to do with a friend.

 Arts and Crafts Hobbies 
Generally speaking, this category could include things such as drawing, painting, sculpting, paper mâché, collage, sewing, crochet, scrapbooking, tie dye and the lots of other fabric arts. Expressing your creativity is only enhanced by the effects of cannabis and for some people it can be a source of inspiration and mental energy. A variety of sativa strains can promote these feelings and cultivating quality experiences around crafting. Even if you think of yourself as not a creative type, some specific weed can sometimes bring out a different side of yourself that you didn’t know existed. Explore your crafty side, create a fun special project you’ve been meaning to do and get stoned while you’re at it!

gardening is a fantastic stoner hobby to enjoy the sunshineCannabis is a plant after all so why not spend your free time learning more about mother nature and all it has to offer. Expand you mind with different flowers and find your own secret garden. As far as hobbies go, this one is rooted in relaxation, light exercise, as well as copious amounts of sunshine, and fresh air. You can feel calm and joyful watching your seedlings grow to mature plants and all the while experiencing a deeper connection to Mother Earth. With the added benefit of cannabis to elevate your skills and knowledge to strengthen this bond we share with our planet. 

There’s a fascinating science behind the cannabinoids we know and love, but even other natural herbs, spices, flora , weeds and weed itself can be mentally and physically stimulating to grow in various ways too. I’d recommend a good book on the subject and then get your hands dirty to truly experience the gift of growing, budding and flowering cycles that only plants can produce. This euphoria is often best described as having a “green thumb;” however, anyone can enjoy this past time and ease their stress.
Yoga and meditation
Zen, relaxed and yet focused. This is an exercise that stimulates your body, mind and soul. Especially when combined with meditation practices, you can heighten your level of understanding yourself inside and out when adding your favorite bud or edible into the mix. Breathe in the calm and exhale all your worries away while smoking a joint and stretching those aching muscles. Use different poses to target troublesome areas and alleviate daily pains with the added potential benefits of a lotion or balm
It’s a low impact alternative to sports, but produces high levels of endorphins and serotonin to the bloodstream producing mental clarity in a relaxed state of being. Next time you’re  looking for something fun or new to try with your preferred cannabinoid I’d recommend a light routine spending maybe 30-45min working out the muscles and nerves while you wait for the edibles to kick in. Trust me, you’ll be feeling the good vibes after that: chill, mellow, and uplifting!
Exercise in General
Cannabis can potentially help motivate, inspire, and relax the mind and body. Take exercise for example, staying physically healthy is equally important to mental health and the two go hand in hand in promoting wellness. One feeds the other in a sense, but exercising at the gym everyday or even every once in a while can be tough. Try making it a little easier by adding cannabis to the end of your workout routine. Studies over the years have shown the efficacy of a reward-oriented system that can make difficult tasks feel easier. So give it your all, get those extra reps in, and treat yourself afterwards to a relaxing elevation with an indica strain to potentially help ease the mind and body.

You can also try incorporating CBD into the routine as well which has been known to have calming effects and pain relief for joints and muscles. Talk about a strong and homeopathic way to help motivate you. There are a variety of topicals and lotions at your local Nectar that can be used on those sore or inflamed areas as well. Personally, I don’t often look forward to activities that require extensive physical exercise, but utilizing cannabis afterwards really helps me unload the stress that comes with strenuous exercise.

 Cycling or Bike Riding
As a low impact exercise this is my preferred mode of transportation and you can easily get around on a bike while enjoying a toke or an edible along for the ride. If you’re a serious cyclist then perhaps a topical cream, lotion or balm for those aching muscles and joints after a longer tour. When you’re putting in the miles on a bicycle it’s good to have a muscle reliever or heavy CBD to counteract the exercise and activity. Plus, you can enhance the high of your endorphins again relax afterwards with the aid of a refreshing THC infused beverage to cool down. As always remember to follow the rules of the road and whenever possible stick to the bike path or trail.
We all know the feeling; you’ve consumed some heavy indica flower after a nice smoke sesh or kicked back with a joint or two and that’s when it hits you… the munchies! Well, why not incorporate it into your smoking routine and combine some time and energy focused around the kitchen. Look for new and exciting recipes to cook at home for yourself or invite some friends over to collaborate. Maybe come up with a few favorite dishes and have an infused dinner party with oils and tinctures. The sky’s the limit when cooking with cannabis. Just keep in mind with consumables the golden rule: you can always do more, but you can’t do less. Follow the instructions for dosages and recommended activation times too.

 Throughout history, so many artists and celebrities have mused the lyrics and beats together with cannabis in all its various forms. Music is celebrated through the use of cannabis and is known as an art that is often-enhanced with the elevation that cannabis provides. Let your body relax, feel the rhythm, and resonate with it while stoned. 

For those musicians out there, the inspiration sometimes comes on strong after sparking up that joint and jamming out. Grab your favorite strain and tune in to the oldies but goodies or discover new tracks that motivate, inspire, and heal your mind, body, and soul through the power of music. Whatever your genre preference is, enjoy the sweet melodies and let your worries melt away to the beat. Cannabis and music undeniably go hand in hand so rock on!

***Disclaimer: the subject matterviewpoints, topics and opinions expressed in this article are meant for entertainment purposes only and based on the author’s opinion. They should not be taken as fact. You should consult your physician or doctor before attempting anything that may be physically or mentally challenging. Everyone is different and can be affected by cannabis differently. Please use caution when considering a hobby that’s new to you, especially if it’s outside your comfort zone***
Who to contact for mental health emergency? Call or text 988 or chat and you can text MHA to 741741 to connect with a trained Crisis Counselor from Crisis Text Line. If you’re experiencing a life threatening emergency please call 911 or go to the nearest ER.

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