P3 Distribution: How These Proud Stewards of Nature Are Inspiring Change in Oregon Cannabis

Written By: Daniel Cina 

There are multiple reasons why a stoner’s favorite color is green. It is the color of our favorite plant after all, but more importantly it is the color of nature. If there’s one vibe and environment that stoner’s have always cherished it is nature in all its amazing glory. The environment and nature is the ultimate catalyst to enjoying our elevation, and just about nothing feels better than the high times we’ve had in nature with those closest to us. Communing with our environment is a natural thing for us, and something that we have been doing since the dawn of humanity. 

The Need for Stewardship in Nature 

Beautiful Nature of Oregon's Tillamook Forest Nature and all its bounties are truly a gift to be cherished as something so uniquely special. There are truthfully so many more benefits beyond just good times in the great outdoors and at Nectar we recognize the need to be stewards of nature in order to safeguard its pristine beauty and functions for future generations. The protection of our environment is extremely necessary to our physical survival, but also absolutely vital to our spiritual health. To put it bluntly, humans are nothing without nature and the environments that have shaped us, and to not be stewards of nature is detrimental to the health of our planet and society. 

Oregon is famed for natural beauty and unique environments as a state, and that is why Nectar is on a mission to keep Oregon the same color as our favorite plant, GREEN! As the cannabis industry leaders in Oregon, we are taking charge and setting an example for further sustainability and environmental consciousness in cannabis dispensaries. We recognize that taking care of nature and the environment requires ALL of us to do our part in any way, shape, and form. We’re all living on this planet, and so it is all our responsibility to take care of our beloved Earth 

How Nectar is Doing Its Part to Preserve Nature
Glass Jars help reserve your cannabis and preserve nature

At every Nectar store, we have a wide variety of items ranging from stoner essentials such as flower, concentrates, and cartridges, to edibles, topicals, and tinctures. We truly have a wide variety of products, but they all possess one factor that undeniably links them, and that is their packaging. All packaging on our products at every Nectar location is 100% recyclable to help keep trash out of Oregon’s environment. We utilize glass jars to package our cannabis, not only for peak cannabis freshness, but also as a way to keep further plastic out of nature. 

When you buy flower from Nectar and receive a glass container for it, be sure to bring it back on your next visit. We take all our glass eighth containers back to be recycled in order to reduce our carbon footprint. To do this we partner with a great organization known as P3 Distribution.

P3 Distribution and their Dedication to Nature 

P3 Distribution Founded by father and son partners in 2016, P3 Distribution is solely committed to keeping glass, plastic, and harmful materials out of Oregon’s forests, lakes, rivers, and waterways. As a company of medical patients. growers, and overall cannabis enthusiasts, they aim to accomplish their mission of plastic reduction and recycling by focusing on the cannabis industry itself. They take plastic containers, bags, glass jars, and all the cannabis packaging you can think of in order to recycle and repurpose it again for further cannabis packaging. As of now they are the Oregon cannabis industry’s only supplier of 100% locally sourced cannabis packaging

They also offer direct P3 Distribution dropbox areas for packaging recyclables at many dispensaries (find one here), and a recyclables box program for your home or office in an effort to expand on their recycling program into non-cannabis related items.

As cannabis enthusiasts we all need to recognize the vast amount of plastic material that goes into the packaging for all our favorite products. This is why we are proud to work with P3 Distribution, who is putting an emphasis on increasing the usage of recycled plastic packaging in cannabis products. By doing this we can reduce the amount of plastic needed to be manufactured for packaging, and increase the circulation of recycled plastics and glass used for cannabis packaging. 

It Takes All of Us 

Pristine Nature of Crater Lake, OregonWe are so glad as a company that a company such as P3 Distribution exists and operates so our dispensaries like many others in Oregon can utilize 100% locally sourced recycled cannabis packaging materials. With this being said it is still important to once again note and remember that stewardship towards nature takes all of us getting involved. Whether it be through big movements or small actions in your daily routine, changes big and small all add up. As inhabitants of this planet it is all our responsibility to be stewards of nature. 

By doing so we can preserve all the beauty and bounties that our environment offers for ourselves and for future generations. By actively taking the first step in doing so you can affect the mindset of those around you to foster this love towards nature to the people around you. So take pride in your actions to keep Oregon green, and get out there with your best buds and enjoy the greenery of the great outdoors. Just be sure you check out our on the go smoking article and article on places to go in the Pacific Northwest so you are ready for your next great adventure in nature!

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