Smoking On The Go: The 4 Things Needed to Accomplish The Best Elevation

Written by: Daniel Cina 

Life is too short to spend at home! We all have places to be and things to do and if you are like me and enjoy cannabis, then you want to take your smoking on the go with you. The stigma that surrounds smoking cannabis in the past  has resulted in cannabis consumers having to keep our smoke sessions incredibly private. This has only contributed to us keeping our smoke sessions at home and away from the public. Despite this, the need to travel, explore, and have fun experiences in the world is not exclusive to non-smokers. 

Stoners share this desire like everyone else, and thanks to changing mindsets, new innovations, and the overwhelming support for cannabis consumption, the desire to smoke on the go is now an achievable goal. With this being said there are some things to be mindful of while smoking on the go. This article will provide you with the most important information to safely and effectively enjoy your on the go smoking and create the best toking experiences possible.

Smoking on The Go Checklist

1.Preparation is Key: 

One of the key things to know when it comes to smoking on the go is preparation. The best rule of thumb to follow when preparing to smoke away from your usual places is that less is more. Trying to pack up your entire smoking setup and take it with you will cause frustration to yourself which is not helpful to  your success in smoking on the go. 

The more items you bring to toke with will only serve to slow you down, and nothing is more annoying than having to re-engage in setting up your method of consumption right when you want to start smoking. 

You should grind your weed before you leave the house and have everything you need ready to go for when the time comes to smoke on the go. This will help mitigate the steps that can interfere with your ability to smoke on the go, which will allow you to do what stoners do, get elevated and enjoy life

2.Keep it Packed Away:

One of the most important things to be mindful of when smoking on the go is to be safe while traveling in a car with your stash of weed. The first thing to keep in mind is to NEVER drive high. Driving high is flat out illegal, and threatens the safety of yourself and other drivers on the road. Do not drive somewhere while under the influence of cannabis unless you have a designated driver. This is vital to everyone’s safety and always needs to be kept in mind when smoking on the go.

The next thing to be mindful of when smoking on the go is to properly store your cannabis stash in the car. You should keep your weed in a sealed container away from all persons in the car. We all wanna start our smoke session, but cannabis consumption in cars is illegal even if you are not the driver. So keep your stash in a sealed smell proof container and pack it away to prevent consumption until you are away from your car. 

It is also important to know that different areas have different laws regarding traveling with cannabis. Check your local laws to ensure that you have the knowledge to keep yourself and your friends safe while smoking on the go.

3. Be Aware:

While the attitudes to cannabis consumption are shifting to be more positive, many non-smokers still do not feel comfortable being around weed or smoke sessions. When smoking on the go, it is best to not draw attention to yourself from people in the area. 

This will ease their suspicions about your smoke session, and ensure that you can have the privacy to enjoy your on the go smoke session. A great way to ensure no attention is brought to yourself when sparking up  is to keep your stash packed away and out of sight. 

Try taking only what you need for your on the go smoke session because ultimately the more cannabis you bring the harder it becomes to keep hidden. So make it easy for yourself and take only what you need when you smoke on the go.

Smell is a huge factor when it comes to on tho go cannabis consumption. It is most likely that people are going to smell your on the go smoke session before they see it. This means that mitigating the smell is important to ensuring privacy. So bring something with you that will help keep that sticky icky weed smell to a minimum when smoking. This will help you keep privacy during your on the go smoke session and ensure you don’t draw attention to yourself from those around you.

4. Smaller is Better:

Small size that is perfect for smoking on the go

We all wish we can take our coolest bongs, and craziest smoke equipment with us when smoking on the go, but doing so can cause certain issues. Large glass pieces are great for your stationary home setup, but can be inconvenient when smoking on the go. 

They are harder to hide, and easier to break when away from your home, so do yourself a favor and scale down the size of your pieces for when you smoke cannabis on the go. Pipes and prerolls are a great method of consumption for on the go smoking because they are small, easy to hide, and easy to manage.

One pipe that provides excellent convenience for your on the go smoking experience is the 16mm Grav Octo Taster. This easily concealable pipe provides the ability to preload your cannabis to take with you on the go. The silicon skin surrounding the pipe serves to keep your cannabis held in place until you are ready to toke up and enjoy your on the go smoking experience.

Furthermore the silicone skin is incredibly bouncy and durable. This is a pipe that can be thrown across a room without it breaking and thanks to the strong silicon your Grav Octo Taster will be protected from any potential damage. This fantastic product also comes with a variety of colors for the silicon wrapping so you can pick the Grav Octo Taster that is right for you when enjoying your on the go smoke sessions.

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