Flower Power: 3 Amazing Methods to Add an Extra Kick to Your Elevation Experience

Written By: Daniel Cina 

There are many versatile ways of enjoying some gorgeous green, after all it’s just one of the amazing things of our favorite plant. Whether it be bowls, prerolls, bongs, or pipes, we all have our preferences when seeking an amazing elevation with flower. Those preferences are all excellent for elevation, and it is a great feeling to kick back, relax, and enjoy one of those modes of flower consumption. 

cannabis flowerThe experience of relaxation and elevation is already such a great time, it is hard to imagine that it could be better. How can you improve upon enjoying your elevation experience with flower? What if you want to mark a special occasion or want to feel an extra kick from your bong? Today we will be talking about how to elevate your experience when consuming flower for when you want something special out of your elevation. We will be covering methods that will increase the potency and elevate your experience with the herb.  

Kief in Flower Bowls 

kief is one of the most potent parts of cannabis flowerThe first method to elevate your flower consumption from your bong or pipe is one of the most straightforward and easiest methods to increase the potency of your bowl. All that is required to do this is some kief! As dried up trichomes, Kief contains some of the purest cannabinoids found on the plant and is incredibly potent as a result of this. By incorporating kief into one of your bowls, you can easily increase the potency and make the flower burn slower for maximum enjoyment. 

When incorporating kief into your bowl, it is important to incorporate it properly so the entire bowl burns evenly. I like to layer my bowl with weed and typically 1-2 layers of kief, but you can easily do more with this method. 

Simply alternate between adding a layer of flower followed by kief, until you reach your desired amount, but make sure the final layer on the top of the bowl is flower. This will make lighting the bowl easier and help everything burn more evenly. Kief requires more combustion to light which is why I like to make sure there’s a top layer flower to get the party started. Potent and slow-burning, kief is an easy and sure way to elevate your consumption experience.

Concentrate in Flower Bowls 

The versatility with your cannabis bowls don’t end there because there is another method to increase their potency and elevation by introducing another form of cannabis. Typically vaporized through a dab rig, and one of the most potent forms of the herb, concentrates can also be added to bowls to augment the elevation experience. 

Good options in concentrates to add to your bowls would be the ones with more solid textures such as crumble, sugar wax, or even diamonds can be used. To incorporate one of these concentrates into your flower bowl, you must start with a base level layer of flower. Then add your concentrate of choice before a final top layer of flower. It is important that the wax in your bowl is completely surrounded by enough flower to help the entire thing burn evenly. 

My last piece of advice for this which applies to all the methods in this article is to toke on this infused bowl slowly. Beyond the heightened potency, concentrates burn at a different temperature than flower, and so slowly toking will make sure nothing is being wasted and that the bowl is burning properly. Concentrates are an amazing option to add a kick to your bowls and turn them into slow-burning master-pieces that will be the talk of your smoke session! 

Infused joints 

infused joints are an excellent way to elevate your consumption Joints are one of the most iconic ways to enjoy the greenery, and have a rich history. They are synonymous with the good vibes that stoners share whenever a circle is formed and the rotation begins! Well you can introduce a masterpiece of a joint to that circle by incorporating both kief and wax into your joints! There are numerous ways to incorporate wax and kief inside or outside the joint to make aesthetically stunning joints that provide a potent and slow-burning elevation! 

Should you want to incorporate kief into your joint then simply sprinkle it in with the flower then roll it. You don’t want too much kief in one area of the joint as it will cause uneven burning so be sure to mix it evenly. Furthermore, when adding wax to your joint, shatter is the best option in my opinion. 

Your hand should provide enough heat to make the shatter pliable to create the proper shape to place in the joint when rolling. The most important thing however is make sure the wax is once again fully enveloped by the cannabis flower when rolling. You don’t want the wax sticking to the paper from the inside otherwise it won’t burn and the joint will pretty much be ruined. You can also wrap shatter on the outside of your joint or even twax the tip for visually stunning potent beauties! 

If rolling joints isn’t your forte then there is no need to worry. At your local Nectar, we carry a large selection of infused joints with kief and wax that provide a potent experience that will add a kick to your elevation. We got you covered at all our locations if you ever want to save yourself the hassle of rolling an infused joint! 

Elevate Your Experience 

The versatility of cannabis and the ingenuity of users has contributed to truly amazing methods to add a kick to your bowls, joints, and bongs for an extra kick in elevation. By incorporating kief or concentrates into your flower, you can create a potent slow burning experience that provides enough elevation to you and your friends. Whether you want to mark a special occasion, or simply just add an extra kick from your elevation, these methods are great options for your elevation experience! 

*** Be sure to manage consumption when engaging in these methods. They involve highly potent forms of cannabis and over consumption can lead to a green-out. Furthermore we do not recommend these methods for those who are new to cannabis due to their potent elevating effects.***

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