Wax Guide: 6 Awesome Dabs That Will Change How You Smoke

Written By: Daniel Cina

There are many different ways to smoke in the wild world of weed, but today we’re going to be talking about the method that reigns supreme in delivering the hardest hitting most potent rips you’ll ever take. That’s right buckle up everyone, we’re here to talk about dabs. For those that don’t know dabs are a form of smoking that involves burning butane extracted hash oil at high temperatures to create vapors that will launch you into the clouds.

While most flowers you smoke typically sit between 15-35% potency, dab wax can sit between 60-90% potency which simply means that dabs get you way more high than flower. With this being said, there many different types of concentrates that vary in texture and quality depending on the method of extraction. The result is such a large variety of wax that it can make your head spin, but not to worry. In this article I will walk you through some of the most common and amazing types of dabs that you need to try for yourself.


The first type of wax on our journey to elevation is shatter. Shatter gets its name from the brittle texture it possesses due to the more tightly packed molecules which occur during butane extraction. Thanks to this method, shatter also lasts longer than typical wax.

Shatter often gets a bad rap for being lower quality than the other types on this list, but this is not the case. Like many of the types of wax on this list you will have higher and lower quality types. With shatter you want to buy the type that is colored between amber and gold, whereas  blackish or greenish shatters are filled with chlorophyll which absolutely ruins terpene profiles. Good quality shatter dabs are not a myth, and you should see for yourself. White Label Extracts branded shatter is a great choice for premium shatter that will change your opinion on this under-rated concentrate.


Next up on our list of dabs is badder. Known for its smooth and spreadable consistency, with this stuff cakes aren’t what’s getting baked today. Badder is known for being one of the easiest types of wax to work with thanks to its whipped, smooth, and sticky texture you won’t have to worry about getting a glob of this stuff on your pick. I often like to pair badder with less sticky dabs such as diamonds or crumble kind of like brick and mortar because it allows all the wax to stick together super easily.

The best quality badder that you will find will be between a lighter tan shade all the way to a deep golden color. Try our Nectar branded Smoke-Rite badder wax which are locally sourced and cultivated in Southern Oregon, which is one of the most fertile areas for cannabis growing in the country. Smoke-Rite badder concentrates are some of the highest quality that you will find on the market, and are sure to provide supreme elevation as you continue into the dabs dimension.


Crumble has quite the reputation in the stoner community for being some of the hardest hitting wax you can find. The process that involves creating crumble includes utilizing dried cannabis or flash frozen fresh cannabis that is pressed at a low temperature which also technically can make it a form of live resin. This process gives these dabs their dry crumbly texture which is why we call it crumble. What also makes crumble so special is its versatility compared to the other waxes on this list. It can be used to create edibles and can also be sprinkled in joints or in your bowl piece.

You need to see the versatility crumble has for yourself, so try some Buddies brand crumble dabs to experience supreme elevation. Like most high quality concentrates, Buddies brand crumble has beautiful amber colors and amazing terpene profiles for smooth and flavor-packed dabs, and with over 20 years of cultivation experience, Buddies is the way to go for your crumble dabs.


If you’re looking for top of the line high quality dabs then the next three types on this list are going to knock your socks off. So let’s start continue on our journey of premium dabs with one of the most popular types, sugar wax.

Sugar wax has a very similar butane extraction method to shatter, but with the added addition of heat purging and vacuuming. The result is beautiful amber  semi-crystalline wax that heavily resembles wet sugar hence the name sugar wax, and it is known for being some of purest concentrates you can buy in terms of terpene profiles and strain unique cannabinoids. This makes sugar wax an incredibly high quality wax for dabs.

If you are looking to buy sugar wax then Willamette Valley Alchemy is the brand you need to try. Experts in concentrate extraction their sugar wax is unsurpassed in quality and will blow your mind with the amazing elevation it gives.


Live Resin is currently one of the most sought-after dabs on the market due to the extremely high quality of concentrate the process produces. Creating live resin involves flash freezing mature cannabis plants to ensure supreme freshness leading up to the extraction process. This helps preserve terpene profiles and cannabinoids during extraction while leaving a sticky golden sauce that is flavor packed and potent enough to send you straight to the elevation station.

High quality dabs like live resin need high quality extraction which is why you need to try Oregrown brand live resin. An Oregon staple since 2013, Oregrown has spent years developing the science in their extraction process to produce live resin that is amazingly high quality and packed with unique terpenes and cannabinoids. So if you got an eye for quality then Oregrown is what you need to try.


THCA Diamond Dabs We’ve saved the best option for last folks because you can’t have a conversation about the best dabs without talking about diamonds. Diamonds are the purest and most potent form of wax and are synonymous with pristine quality in smoking. The process that produces the best concentrate you can buy is similar to live resin by utilizing flash frozen fresh cannabis for extraction, but with an added solvent and extra pressure a pure crystalline structure is formed.

Diamonds are an amazing form of wax to dab if you straight up want to get plain ole high af. Most diamonds have lower percentage terpene profiles due to such high TCHA percentage so live resin is typically mixed with the diamonds to add amazing taste creating the type of dab wax we all know and love, rocks and sauce. Diamonds are synonymous with the finer things, so try some of Oregrown’s  amazing diamonds to experience one of the finest highs you’ll ever have.

You’re going to need something to smoke all these awesome concentrates out of. Check out our MJ Arsenal Dab Rig article for a pristine rig for all this amazing wax. Or if you like a little more convenience from your wax then check out our dab pen guide for the best batteries to match your live resin cartridges.

Have fun and smoke responsibly dabs are one of the strongest and most potent forms of smoking cannabis.


Producing concentrates requires heavy machine and flammable materials DO NOT try to make this stuff yourself!

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