MJ Arsenal: 6 Mini Dab Rigs To Accomplish The Best Elevation

Written By: Daniel Cina

Why the Mini Dab Rig Series? 

If you are looking for dab rigs that are designed to be strong, compact, and made to deliver a strong terpene filled hit of your favorite concentrate then look no further! Any dab rig from this MJ Arsenal series is destined to be one of the center pieces of your collection, and one of your favorite methods of smoking. These dab rigs are specifically designed with one philosophy in mind which is less air equals more flavor, and that is something each dab rig from this MJ Arsenal Series aims to do through their compact size and amazing designs that serve to deliver strong and flavorful rips from the palm of your hand. 

This is something that will allow you to unlock the full potential of your cannabis by helping you further enjoy the amazing flavor profiles of your terpenes in a convenient and easy to manage size. These dab rigs can also handle the heat, with their pure quartz bangers and 100% extra thick borosilicate glass you can enjoy your dabs at whatever desired temperature you want. 

The Claude

Claude Mini Dab Rig

Named after Appius Claudius, the inventor of the first Roman aqueduct, this dab rig pays homage to the innovation in how we move water, and with its two external recyclers that greatly benefit filtration this mini dab rig continues that innovation. Creating a strong turbulent spin in the water, the Claude recycles cool water with your hot wax to create a powerful yet smooth dabbing experience. 

It possesses an ergonomic design that allows for the best water filtration and air flow through the percolator which contributes to the strong and smooth rips that the Claude is capable of creating. The Claude possesses the ultimate water filtration ensuring the cleanest dab possible, while coming in at a height of 5 inches, making this mini rig the ultimate definition of big things coming in small packages. 

The Royale 

Modeled after one of history’s most iconic art pieces, the Faberge Egg, the Royale dab rig truly emulates the elegance of the artwork it is modeled after while still providing the same flavorful, hard hitting function that the MJ Arsenal mini dab rig series is known for. The first feature that makes this a special piece is that it has a wider base when compared to other dab rigs in this series which helps add stability to this tiny heavy hitter, but what truly makes the Royale special is the positioning of the percolator. 

The percolator leverages tiny connection holes that separate the two pieces of the Faberge Egg design which helps create a smoother smoking experience, while the domed walls of the Royale dab rig forces water back into the percolator resulting in the double filtration of your favorite concentrate. The beauty of this dab rig can only be matched by its excellent filtration process that delivers a strong yet smooth hit from a rig that can fit in the palm of your hands. 

The Jammer

While the other dab rigs on this list are showing off beautiful designs and crazy tubing, the Jammer is working hard to deliver the best dab possible. This rig is made for those of us that value simplicity in design, but do not be fooled by the lack of showmanship because the Jammer mini rig hits with the same punch of flavor and quality as all its mini rig siblings. Its fixed single percolator design enables you to take a fat dab off the Jammer as if it were a regular sized dab rig, but it still possesses all the convenience of a pocket sized mini rig. 

It also possesses a reclaim catch, which allows for even fatter dabs without clogging the percolator or dirtying your dab rig.  The Jammer model is MJ Arsenal’s ode to function over flashiness and that is what this dab rig delivers every time you use it. Whether you take it with you on the go or keep it in one spot, the Jammer dab rig delivers the ultimate functionality in delivering strong dab rips that are jam-packed with flavor. 

The Ursa   

The Ursa mini dab rig is inspired by one of the most iconic dab rig designs, but one look at this mini rig and you will see how it goes above and beyond its inspiration. The base connected discus percolator ensures the best diffusion of your water possible. When you take a pull of the Ursa, you will notice how the discus percolator forces water into the internal chamber creating excellent filtration which allows for a very tasty terpene filled dab session. 

The Ursa dab rig also possesses a unique rear-mounted downstem and reclaim catch which greatly reduces the chance for clogging or spills which ensures that you can rip through everything whether it be a tiny dab or a fat glob. The Ursa is an excellent piece for those of us that value heritage in our smoke equipment, but still seek the innovation and beauty of new concepts in dab rigs that make enjoying cannabis even better.


The Atlas 

In Greek mythology Atlas was a Titan tasked with holding the weight of the sky on his shoulders, and that is exactly where the Atlas mini dab rig will send you after ripping it. The Atlas features a double globe design that is an absolute beauty to marvel at, but it is not just for show. The double globe design keeps the water out of the airpaths of the Atlas allowing for superb filtration. 

The unique down stem pulls water into the interior ball where it is sent through MJ Arsenal’s excellent honeycomb percolator and back into the main chamber of the Atlas where you can consume strong and flavorful dabs. The interior ball also acts as a splash guard which allows for deep chugging with the Atlas while keeping water away from your mouth. The Atlas in my opinion is one of the most beautiful pieces in this mini dab rig series.

The Hydra

The Hydra is one of the most fearsome and ancient beasts from mythology, which gives this mini dab rig its namesake because this thing is a BEAST in every facet. The multiple filtration tubes of the Hydra mini-rig bear resemblance to the many-headed creature it is named after, but also allows you to tame the hot vapors of your dab into a cool and flavorful rip of your favorite wax. 

The Hydra is designed to create as little drag as possible meaning as soon as you take a rip you will be inhaling the true flavor profile of your concentrate. The position of the tubes as well as the honeycomb percolator make this the most tip resistant rig on this list, while still generating a smooth and flavorful smoking experience. 

The Hydra mini dab rig is an excellent addition to this series from MJ Arsenal and like its sibling rigs will allow you to fully enjoy your smoking experience with a beautiful piece that is sure to be at the center of your dab rig collection. 


The MJ Arsenal mini dab rig series is a true innovation in delivering flavorful terpene filled dabs in dab rigs that fit in the palm of your hand. Regardless of which option from this list you choose, you can be rest assured that your purchase from this series will change your perspective on dabbing. Any of these beautifully designed mini dab rigs are sure to be at the center of your glass collection. 

Many of these rigs also come in an iridescent coloring which makes them nothing short of gorgeous.  Check with your local Nectar to get a beautiful MJ Arsenal series mini dab rig. Whether it be the standard glass or iridescent coloring, The MJ Arsenal mini dab rig series is sure to blow you away!

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