BIRD: Nectar’s Newest Brand to Help You Soar in 2024

Written by Wil Roe & Daniel Cina 

The ever-evolving landscape of the cannabis industry features a carousel of brands that deliver products that cater to the diverse preferences of stoners across our community, and as always Nectar is here to  deliver accessibility to premium cannabis products at an affordable price like our newest brand to hit the shelves, BIRD

BIRD is the flock master of the new era of cannabisThe culmination of our mission to bring accessibility to premium cannabis shopping is through our very own Nectar Brands, and BIRD is no exception to delivering on the value of this. So get ready to join the flock and read on because one experience with this new Nectar brand will have you soaring to new heights in your elevation. 

BIRD: Curating Creativity & Adventure

BIRD invites the new-generation of cannabis enthusiasts to take flight BIRD is more than just a new line of cannabis products, it is the new curator of an experience for the new generation of stoners. The brand slogan “Need a Lift” is an invitation to soar into a new cannabis era and as the flock master, BIRD is here to serve a symbol of self-expression, personal growth, and  embody  the vibrancy of the young souls in our community. 

Whether you are looking for creative inspiration, or to add a spark to your adventures, BIRD is here to help you spread your wings, and elevate your spirits as we soar to new heights. Ignite creativity with every puff from BIRD’s diverse range of high-quality flower strains and allow the elevated adventure to proceed! 

Need a Lift? BIRD is Here!

At the heart of this new collection of premium products is the 2pk 1-gram prerolls, offering a convenient and enjoyable way to experience premium cannabis. Whether you are on an adventure, in the studio, or wherever your endeavors lead, BIRD’s preroll 2 pack is the perfect medium to spark your creativity. 

Whether you prefer the uplifting effects of Sativa, the relaxing vibes of Indica, or the perfect balance of Hybrid strains, BIRD has you covered. Additionally, 3.5-gram flower eighths are available in Sativa, Indica, or Hybrid variations for those who wish to experience the different forms of flight that BIRD offers.BIRD Eighth Jar

Explore the Skies of Strain Diversity

BIRD takes pride in offering a selection of strains that cater to the diverse tastes of cannabis enthusiasts. Strains like Golden Goat, Lemon Cherry Gelato, Gelatti, and Mac-1 are just the beginning. Each strain is curated to deliver a unique experience, and each bud of cannabis is carefully selected to ensure you only receive the frostiest most trichome packed flower available. If you are wondering how this careful selection benefits you, allow me to expand on the importance of trichomes in cannabis. 

The Importance of Trichomes

Trichomes are the tiny hair-like appendages that are found on the surface of cannabis plants. These nearly microscopic appendages are the cannabinoid factory of the plant and are responsible for the production of THCA, CBD and all our other favorite cannabinoids that contribute to the psychoactive & elevating effects of the plant.

Visually, trichomes resemble very tiny crystals that cover the entire outside of the cannabis plant. In nature, they function to protect the cannabis plant from the elements, but to cannabis enthusiasts they are appreciated as one of the strongest indicators to the quality of the bud. An abundance of trichomes on a cannabis bud indicate the potency and complex chemistry of cannabinoids that make each strain unique in terms of aroma, flavor, and effects. Cannabis that is trichome abundant will often have the appearance of being covered in frost due to the high volume of tiny white crystal like appendages. 

Only the frostiest buds suffice in selecting cannabis that will help you soar to new heights, and BIRD takes pride in and recognizes the importance of its selection process so you can be rest assured that every bud of cannabis you purchase will be of the highest quality. How else could BIRD capture the vibrancy of a new cannabis era with anything less? 

Fly With Us 

BIRD is more than just a cannabis brand, it is an invitation to express yourself and be who you are as we enter a new era of cannabis. When you enjoy BIRD you are also celebrating a lifestyle that embraces self expression, personal growth, and the embodiment soaring to new heights. BIRD is the inspiration to spark your creativity, and the catapult to a new elevated adventure. So what are you waiting for? Come join the flock and enjoy the carefully curated experience that BIRD provides. 

Available at Nectar Markets 

To provide the best accessibility possible to this exciting new collection, we have made BIRD available at all Nectar locations so you can experience this amazing new brand while also shopping for your other perfect selections in cannabis. Whether you are a seasoned cannabis enthusiast or first time flier, you can find BIRD waiting to take you on a journey of flavor, aroma, and elevated experiences at your local Nectar. So who needs a lift into the new era of cannabis!

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