The Santa Cruz Shredder Is Better! Why You Absolutely Need #1 Grinder On the Market

Written By: Daniel Cina 

There have historically been two camps in the stoner community. There are some of us that like to use a grinder to break up our cannabis and others who prefer to hand grind their cannabis. Well if you are in the latter group I apologize because today we are talking about the absolute best grinder on the market. That’s right folks I’m talking about the Santa Cruz Shredder! 

What Makes The Santa Cruz Shredder Better
The Santa Cruz Shredder Gold Version

The Santa Cruz Shredder is unparalleled in its design to deliver an amazingly fluffy grind for your cannabis. I have personally been using one for years and can say from my use, that I don’t want to grind my cannabis with anything else. First off it has superior magnetic and threading technology meaning that the magnet that holds the grinder together will not weaken over time keeping your cannabis secure, while the superior threading means that the Santa Cruz Shredder screwing and unscrewing features will never get stuck and frustratingly separate you from the sticky icky bud inside. 

The two features however that truly separate The Santa Cruz Shredder from its competition are its superior teeth and screen technology. The teeth on the Santa Cruz Shredder are unlike any on the market. You may think sharp teeth would be the best design, but the developers of this amazing grinder discovered that sharp grinder teeth only cut your cannabis in one direction, dull and break over time, and when this happens they release aluminum flakes into your grinder blend as it happens. I think it’s safe to say that no one reading this wants aluminum flakes finding their way into your cannabis.

The Santa Cruz Shredder features a radius base for strength and a patented design that ensures long-lasting durability so the teeth will never dull, keeping aluminum out of your cannabis. The patented tooth design grinds your weed from multiple different angles preventing a sub-par grind and leaving your cannabis with a beautiful fluffy texture. 

What about the Kief?

The screen inside this awesome grinder is a T304 Micronic Precision Woven Non-Fraying Stainless Steel Screen to deliver the best filtering possible. It possesses a much tighter screen pattern to prevent extra debris, dirt, and anything else from getting to the bottom of your grinder where your hard-earned kief sits. The other advantage of this that I have noticed is how the Santa Cruz Shredder’s superior screen does not allow too much kief to end up in the bottom of your grinder. 

I know, you’re probably thinking, “Daniel why would I want less kief at the bottom of my grinder,” and it’s a fair question so here’s the thing. We all love opening up our final compartment at the bottom of our grinders (especially if you’re someone who didn’t know that existed) and seeing a nice large patty of kief that will take your elevation to the next level. 

The issue, however, is that most grinders tend to pull too much kief from your cannabis, leaving it dry, and potentially affecting its terpene profile. Sure you will still get elevated, but you won’t be fully able to enjoy your cannabis if you use a sub-par grinder that pulls too much kief from your bud. I find that the Santa Cruz Shredder pulls some kief, but keeps my cannabis moist, fluffy, and most importantly kiefy for every smoke sesh. After all, cannabis is about enjoying the moment,  so why worry about saving kief when it’s already incorporated into your bowls? 

Biodegradable Version

As awesome as this product already is, the amazement doesn’t end there! They also offer a two-piece grinder that is made from 100% hemp. This awesome piece is a great option for on-the-go smoking, or if you forgot your grinder and are in a pinch! This hemp Santa Cruz Shredder is just for you and available at your local Nectar for all your grinding needs.  

The absolute best feature about these hemp grinders is that they are 100% biodegradable. You need not worry about your impact on the environment and help you keep your thumb green!

Don’t Just Take My Word For It 

Even though I’ve been using one of these awesome grinders for years, you do not just need to take my word for it because there is someone who swears by the Santa Cruz Shredder and is 1000x more qualified to speak about it than me. I am talking about Taylor Gang’s biggest rapper, business mogul, and arguably the King of the Cannabis Ring; Wiz Khalifa! The Santa Cruz Shredder is his go-to grinder and he often collaborates with them on limited edition grinders. 

This amazing grinder is unsurpassed in quality. Its features make it one of the best grinders on the market and have given it a reputation of excellence. If you want easy operations, and nice fluffy cannabis that’s ready to be smoked then The Santa Cruz Shredder is for you! So do yourself a favor and don’t settle for a grinder that won’t positively add to your cannabis smoking experience. So come on down to your friendly neighborhood Nectar and get yourself the next piece of the puzzle that will turn your smoking set-up into the portal to the dimension of high-quality elevation!

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