Sharing Cannabis: The 9 Important Stoner Rules of Etiquette

Written By: Daniel Cina 

The most basic aspects of society and community are based upon one thing. History yields many different ancient codes of law such as Hammurabi’s Code, Napoleonic Code,The Magna Carta, and many more which show us one fundamental aspect of community. That fundamental is ,for bettor or worse, society at its core is made up of rules.  

Even in movies we see this societal function, to quote Ian Mcshane’s Winston from John Wick 2, “Rules… without them we live with the animals.” Whether it’s the movies or real life, whether they be unspoken reflections of societal norms, or governmental legislation, rules are the building blocks of a functioning community.

Well the cannabis community is no exception to this philosophical idea of what makes a society functional. Stoner rules exist in our community like everywhere else, and we see them as important pieces to making our amazing community function. The stoners of our community have a reputation for getting along famously with other stoners, even if they don’t know each other and it is thanks to these stoner rules. So without further adieu, I am here to share with you our 9 stoner rules to further enable the proper etiquette our amazing community is known for. 

The 9 Stoner Rules of Etiquette 
Sharing is Caring 

Cannabis is an amazing thing that brings people together. It is something you pay for with your hard earned money, and even with amazing deals from your local Nectar, that is something to be greatly valued. With that being said it is proper to share with your guests, because after all we are stoners. Sharing is caring, and the herb takes care of all of us so don’t be stingy with your guests and share some of that sticky icky goodness with them. 

On the flip-side of this situation, if you are a guest, and you know you are about to be in a smoke session, then it is the proper thing to bring your own cannabis to share with the group. In an ideal situation everyone brings some kush of their own that gets added to the proverbial pot for mutual enjoyment.

 However if you are a guest and didn’t bring any kush and those around share with you, be gracious about it and offer some compensation. An even better option is to smoke with your host again but this time you offer up the lion’s share of cannabis to make-up for the previous engagement. Don’t be stingy with your weed, and don’t mooch off your stoner friends either. Sharing is caring and what comes around goes around. Make sure the bud makes its way back around when sharing cannabis! 

Puff Puff Pass “On the Left-Hand Side”

This quintessential stoner rule serves two functions when engaging in a smoke circle. The first part of this rule, the puff puff pass, is meant as a safeguard against bogarting/mooching within a smoke circle. When handed a bong or pipe, take one pull and base the size of it on the amount of people in the session. For example don’t rip through half a bowl on one pull when there’s three more people who are in the order after you. Furthermore when indulging on a joint or blunt, take two puffs and pass it along. Don’t worry it’ll come back around, that’s the joy of being in a circle! 

Stoner tradition has dictated the order of the rotation is to be clockwise, which means pass the dutchie on the left-hand side. Left is law and the rotation commands great respect in the stoner community. It is considered very rude to disrespect the rotation and pass over somebody as they would now be missing out on the good vibes from our favorite plant. So respect the rotation.

On a functional level the rotation is a fail-safe to remembering the order of consumption. After all we’re stoners, when there’s a few rotations of some awesome cannabis we’re liable to forget who is next! 

No Pressure, Good Vibes Only

Our community is known for spreading good vibes among each other, and that is through kindness and acceptance. If your rotation happens to have someone who doesn’t indulge or for whatever reason does not want to, then don’t pressure them. They have their own personal reasons for not indulging and that’s something that should be respected. There is no need to pressure someone into indulging if they don’t want to. It is most definitely something that could be considered rude or disrespectful, and even more so it can ruin the vibe of the entire session.

Smoke sessions when sharing cannabis, are a good vibes only zone and peer pressure can compromise this. So be kind and respectful of everyone’s desired intake whether that be a normal amount or none at all.

Whomever Rolled it Shall Spark It the roller lights the joint is a chief stoner rule with cannabis

If a joint or blunt is going to be the star of your smoke session then someone will need to roll it, unless you buy pre-rolls like the many amazing infused joints found at any Nectar. In stoner tradition, the position of joint roller is typically awarded to the one with the best ability for it in your immediate group. The reasoning is so the best joint possible is rolled leading to the best elevation experience possible.

In this endeavor, the joint roller can be compared to an MC who kicks off the elevation activities, and the mode of doing so is of course sparking up. Like an artist admiring their work, the roller initiates the enjoyment of the joint regardless of who’s cannabis is used. Rolling joints is not always easy for some, so respect your roller who is working hard to make the best joint possible, so let them ensure quality and kick it off the festivities by being the one to spark it up. 

No Horseplay Around the Glass 

Now don’t get me wrong, all sorts of hijinks, antics, and misadventures are liable to happen when having a session with your friends, but if there is glass present then you still need to take care. You should not engage in horse-play in the immediate vicinity of yours or someone else’s bongs, rigs, or pipes. No flicking your friends arm, no throwing lighters at each other, and definitely no playing around with the glass itself. 

Respect for the glass is important, because it is a bad time if it breaks. You don’t want to deal with picking up the shards and potentially cutting yourself, and you definitely don’t want to have to take the time, effort, and money to buy another. It is always a sad day when your bong breaks, especially if you enjoy high quality glass from places such as Special K or Grav. So take the extra care in your smoke-session to ensure the glass and vibes stay intact.

Don’t Torch The Bowl

The next stoner rule pertains to consumption when a bowl is present. This mainly applies to bongs, but it also can be applied to pipes. Regardless of your order in the rotation, do not torch the bowl for the people after you. Cannabis is best enjoyed when it is green, and so you need to leave some green for the people after you. This is especially true if you are first in the rotation. Light a corner of the bowl and take some of the greens, instead of torching the entire top of a beautiful bowl. That way everyone has the chance to enjoy some fresh green cannabis and maximize enjoyment. 

Clear The Chamber 

I can say from personal experience that stale smoke from a bong chamber tastes absolutely terrible. It is important that one clears the chamber before handing a bong off to the next person for elevation. If you didn’t clear the chamber and pass it along, then the person smoking after you is guaranteed to not enjoy their consumption due to the taste. Don’t ruin the vibes and terpene profile for the person after you and be sure to clear your chambers when consuming. 

No Smoke In The Face

NEVER blow smoke in another person’s face. You’ll most likely leave them reeking of cannabis, and it is probably one of the most rude things you can do to another person at a sesh. It is a sure way to ruin the vibe, and something that would need to be addressed in the moment. 

 You’re Sick, Be Real

We all want to have a good time, especially when sharing some premium cannabis such as Sunshine Weed, but if you are sick then stay at home! Don’t share glass or joints with your friends when you know you are sick. There’s no need to get them sick as well. Get well, and enjoy your elevation properly and without worry! 

Stay Golden

Rules are an interesting thing, that are formed off of tradition and utility in societal functions. These stoner rules and norms are no different. They are bedrock for a unique culture, surrounding a plant that gives off good vibes and positivity. At the end of the day the most important stoner rule is to plainly be good to those around you. We’re all people navigating life who each deserve the respect and dignity of a human being. 

 If you keep this concept in mind, then you will have no problem making plenty of friends in the cannabis community! So go enjoy your elevation however you want, but when engaging with other people in the cannabis community, be sure to remember these stoner rules to keep the mutual good vibes intact!

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