Proper Cannabis Storage: The 5 Factors That Can Absolutely Ruin Your Beautiful Buds

By: Wil Roe

The days of cannabis storage methods purely to circumvent the law are over with Oregon’s legalization of cannabis. Old news I know but people these days are more focused on maintaining cannabis freshness for as long as is practical, and we at Nectar Markets agree with this notion.

Cannabis is an investment in a person’s lifestyle, so it must be protected to maintain its beneficial properties at all costs. There are some fundamental guidelines to follow to keep cannabis products safe and at their best, regardless of whether the goal is to preserve potency, flavor, or smoothness. The cannabis will stay at its best if these preservation techniques are strictly followed until you’re ready to use it with all your Nectar Essentials.

REASONS FOR DETERIORATIONPoor Cannabis Storage can lead to moldy bud such as this

Understanding what your product is being safeguarded from is essential before talking about how to do so. Your cannabis will decompose mostly because of five factors: light, moisture, temperature, air, and age.

One of the most harmful risks to weed’s potency is exposure to sunshine. This light exposure is like someone who is exposed to light for an extended period in that it can result in burns and the only burn I like is a good yo’ mama joke.

Back to the story at hand, the potency of your cannabis is diminished because of these burns, and you never want to diminish the potency of your cannabis. You might as well be burning cash instead!

Cannabis is also harmed by moisture. Mold and other organisms may grow on the product because of using the wrong kind or amount of water. This will result in a loss of flavor and smell in addition to physical appearance. As with any other form of the plant, this one can be destroyed by extreme heat or cold. The potency and natural moisture that you wish to retain can be drained away by weather extremes of any kind. Air, both excessive and insufficient in ventilation can lead to mildew and mold growth.

The final enemy is age. As we all wish we could have a doomsday bunker style stash of cannabis, it just doesn’t work that way with organic matter. Cannabis storage that is performed properly can keep your bud intact from 6 months to a year.

When cannabis begins to expire the THC begins to turn into CBN. While CBN has awesome properties as a cannabinoid when paired with THC dominate products, expired cannabis has very large amounts of CBN. When smoked this over-saturation of CBN can have a bad taste and can cause headaches. With all this being said, what are the best strategies for shielding your cannabis from these all these environmental factors? Keep reading to find out…

Glass 1/8 jar to aid in proper cannabis storage

Everyone who has ever acquired cannabis for recreational purposes has either already purchased a cannabis storage container or, at the very least, has considered doing so. What kinds of containers work best for cannabis storage, if any, and are containers helpful? Here at Nectar Markets, we believe in good storage techniques for our wonderful cannabis and use recycled glass in collaboration with P3 Distribution in Portland.

P3 DistributingEach jar is like a pouch of freshness to keep your favorite weed  farm fresh and ready to smoke whenever you want. The goods for cannabis storage might be simple or quite complex, as well as very cheap or very expensive depending on your approach.

Vacuum-sealed containers make for the best cannabis storage. Even if the ordinary individual doesn’t have a vacuum sealer laying around the house, buying one is now easier than in the past thanks to the ever powerful technology known as the internet. Light, moisture, temperature, and air are all kept out very effectively through this method of cannabis storage.

A glass container is a next-best choice if a vacuum sealer is not easily accessible. Unwanted moisture produced by plastic containers has the potential to contaminate products with mold. Glass containers can effectively lock in the cannabis and prevent condensation from entering the product. You can use a variety of glass containers. Mason jars made of glass are a cheap and convenient alternative that is typically used for canning vegetables.

Additionally, more expensive glass jars designed expressly for cannabis storage are available. Online, there is a huge selection of things that are thought to be airtight and might be utilized for this kind of cannabis storage. Make sure you drop into one of our over 40 Nectar Locations and see what options are in store and you can also get ahead of the game with all our cannabis being packaged in glass 1/8th jars.


Glass Jars for proper cannabis storage What is the ideal setting in a home to keep weed now that it has been identified what the finest storage options are so that it is not left lying around all willy nilly like all your clothes?

It would seem sensible that cannabis should be kept below 77 degrees Fahrenheit, but how cold is too cool? Most mildews and molds thrive at temperatures between 77- and 86 degrees Fahrenheit. Many specialists concur that a temperature range of 32 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal for cannabis storage.

It is preferable to keep cannabis away from electronics or other heat-generating items to prevent the temperature from rising. On the other end of the temperature range, extreme cold can also harm items, therefore freezing them is not advised. It is crucial to keep any excess dampness away from the stockpile.

It is usually advised to keep it away from any water source, including sinks, tubs, and washing machines too. An area that is cool, dry, and dark would be ideal for marijuana storage. Depending on the sort of cannabis that was acquired, there are always a variety of storage options. If you need assistance choosing a container, be sure to consult one of the budtenders at one of our may locations all over the state. There is never a Nectar too far away.


You can buy a variety of items to transport cannabis with you while on the go, whether it’s over short or long distances. The concealed aspect of cannabis storage is less relevant here in Oregon, where marijuana usage for recreational purposes is entirely legal. Storage is more for convenience and safety. The majority of the time, the dispensary product packaging is designed to go from point A to point B rather than to be stored for an extended amount of time.

You can utilize little zip-lock storage bags when you’re traveling. For the reasons mentioned above, it is not advised to keep the marijuana in the bag for an extended amount of time, although doing so will make it simple to take a bud anywhere you want to go. We recommend keeping it in the jars Nectar has provided and brining them back when you’re done so we can recycle them!

There are many different items that can be used to store for travel to concerts and other occasions when a bigger amount needs to be transported and kept safe from being stolen or misplaced, such as locking stash bags and carbon-lined handbags or clutches. We appreciate what brands such as Skunk Bags are doing for the culture or bags such as Grav Smell-Proof pouch that makes on the go cannabis storage easy and stylish!.

It’s critical to remember that none of them are suggested for lengthy cannabis storage. You’re better off smoking your cannabis as soon as you get it to maximize freshness plus the sooner you finish the sooner you can come back to your favorite Nectar for more great cannabis product.

Take Care Of Your Cannabis!

Cannabis might be seen as a delicate material. For greatest potency, it must be grown in ideal circumstances. To create the ideal balance of light, water, and air for growth, great lengths are taken. For proper cannabis storage, those lengths must also be sought, but in the other direction. Reduce your exposure to air, water, and light. The cannabis will be as perfect as the day it was purchased if these recommendations are followed.

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