MJ Arsenal: 4 Accessories to Better Your Smoking Experience

Written by: Daniel Cina

Any mini dab rig from the MJ Arsenal mini rig series is an excellent purchase by itself ,but MJ Arsenal provides some accessories that make dabbing wax with these rigs an even better experience. These accessories provide options that help you keep your new mini rig cleaner, more efficient, and make your tasty terpene filled dabs even tastier. Help yourself create the best dabbing experience possible by purchasing these accessories for the MJ Arsenal mini rig series or for your own dab rigs at home already (make sure the specs match). 

Accessories List

Quartz Buckets 

Each MJ Arsenal mini rig comes with a pure quartz bucket, but MJ Arsenal also offers different designs in both 10 and 8mm size. These buckets are excellent for heat retention and will help ensure you find your perfect dabbing temperature as well as offering some options in aesthetics. 

Some of the mini rigs in the MJ Arsenal series also function as water pipes so you can even enjoy flower from your mini rig. These buckets are great accessories to have with your MJ Arsenal mini rig or any other female connection rig you have that works with the 10 or 8mm male connection specs for these buckets. 

Terp Pearls

The next item on this accessories list that adds to the flavorful experience MJ Arsenal has created is their red ruby terpene pearls. These pearls that come in both synthetic ruby and pure quartz are sure to add to the already heightened flavor profile of your dab by whipping the wax around in the bucket while you inhale. 

This helps ensure that your wax does not taste burnt and that you do not chazz sections of your bucket while looking gorgeous in the process. These terp pearls are a great flavor addition to the already fantastic design of the MJ Arsenal mini dab rig series and will help unlock the true potential of the terpenes in your wax. 

Reclaim Catch 

Cleanliness and efficiency is vital to being able to fully enjoy your smoke session. These two things allow for the best quality of smoking, which can be further achieved with MJ Arsenal reclaim catcher. This great piece of equipment that comes with a 10 and 18mm insert will catch extra oil in your mini rig that can be used later which saves money as well as keeping your dab rig clean making this the most cost efficient item on this accessories list. 

This means you can take even fatter dabs without having to worry about heavily clogging the percolators of your rig with wax that can be saved and used for later. This piece is an excellent addition to the mini dab rigs in this series that do not have a built-in reclaim catcher, which is all of them besides the Ursa and Jammer models. 

ISO Stations 

It is so important I will say it again, cleanliness is VITAL if you want your dabbing experience to be flavorful and easy meaning this is one of the most important accessories on this list. This little iso station is a great tool for holding isopropyl and cleaning tools to keep your bucket crystal clear. It also comes with a silicon plug to keep your iso from spilling when not in use. 

Chazzing your bucket is not a fun time because it ruins the aesthetic of your dab rig as well affecting the taste of your dabs. Avoid ruining your terpene-filled flavor-packed smoking experience of the MJ Arsenal mini dab rig series by obtaining one of these convenient stations to keep your buckets sparkling clean. 

3 Accessories working in synchronization Carb Caps

Carb caps are an essential accessories in dabbing. Without them cool air will constantly be pulled into the rig affecting the temperature and flavor of your dab as well as making the process much more difficult. Luckily MJ Arsenal offers a line of excellent carb caps to match your mini dab rig and smoking experience you desire. 

Their first option is a beautifully designed spinner cap that is meant to be used alongside the ruby terpene pearls. This spinner cap will allow you to spin the pearls with the lightest of pulls and with 4 direction carb holes you can have further control of the airflow of your dab.

The next option is a visually stunning directional bubble cap. This bubble cap will throw your dabs against the walls of the bucket creating an evenly heated dab that is full of flavor from start to finish.

The last option is a directional flat cap that was designed by consumers for consumers. This cap is an asset in helping the direction of your dab in the bucket, allowing you further control of your dabbing experience. All of these great caps work with the mini dab rigs in this series and are an absolute must for creating the best smoking experience possible.

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