Our Favorite Popular Cannabis Devices of 2019

The year 2019 brought us many revelations, countless innovations, and some well-deserved standing ovations in the world of cannabis. Advancements were made that will forever change the way we consume.

So lt’s take a look at some of our favorite cannabis consuming devices we’ve enjoyed at Nectar this year…

Heir Waterpipe

The Heir Waterpipe
Nectar’s Price: $260

This re-invention of the classic waterpipe is a salute to the past and carefully created for the modern cannabis smoking enthusiast. With a nod to the Apple and Tesla design teams, this unique, high-quality piece raises the bar of what waterpipes stand for. The Heir Waterpipe offers display-worthy design, convenient innovations, and cold filtered engineering to provide blissfully smooth hits. The four-part design also makes it a snap to keep clean. It is at the top of its class in quality and comprised of extra-thick soda-lime glass and rugged ceramic components. It will be the end game for any cannabis enthusiast seeking the pinnacle of bongs!

Vessel Vape Pen Battery

The Vessel Vape Pen Battery
Nectar’s Price: $100

Sick of buying low-quality batteries over and over again when they constantly fail? Then stop restocking the same substandard vape pen and look no further than the Vessel 510 Vape Pen Battery. From the moment you pick up your Vessel battery, you’ll obsess over its signature design and character. From the way that it looks to the way it performs – it’s clear, nothing else comes close.

The device is powered by a compact, premium 240mAh battery core. Cannabis oils are best consumed at a low power setting, in order to preserve terpene profiles. The Vessel optimized power band (2.8V / 3.2V / 3.6V) delivers a better tasting and fulfilling experience than other vape pens on the market. The magnetic charging port also means removing your cartridge to charge your battery is a thing of the past. This pen thoughtfully integrates a protective module to shield your 510 cartridges from damage, as well as an auto-shutdown feature after 15 minutes of inactivity. It is easy to argue that Vessel is the future standard for vape pen batteries.

Grenco G Pen Connect Vaporizer

The G Pen Connect Vaporizer
Nectar’s Price: $150

The future of e-nails is here! The G Pen Connect by Grenco is a revolutionary alternative to conventional cannabis concentrate consumption methods. This device heats to the designated temperature in just five seconds, delivering high-density vapor without the hassle of a torch and nail. The G Pen is powered by a ceramic heating element and patented reverse airflow technology, which vaporizes concentrates evenly and efficiently.

This device pairs with any glass-on-glass water piece to deliver smooth and powerful draws. It is designed with three temperature settings as well as an extended draw mode. This allows it to be tailored to each user’s flavor and heat preferences, while accommodating a wide variety of concentrates.  The G Pen Connect Battery is packed with 850 mAh of power and uses an easy, snap-in magnetic connection for quick and effortless setup. It will allow you to enjoy the best of both worlds and then some.

Boundless Technology Terp Pen

The Boundless Technology Terp Pen
Nectar’s Price: $30

This is a product that needs almost no introduction. The Terp Pen has been the hot ticket cannabis device of 2019 and the demand speaks for itself. The Terp Pen was redesigned from the Boundless CF 710 to be a third of the weight and size, making it have the look and feel of a standard office pen.

Boundless Technology also removed the button to increase usability and increase battery life. The Terp Pen is also extremely easy to use — simply remove the magnetic cap, inhale through the mouthpiece, and apply the coil into your desired amount of concentrate. These devices are perfect for concentrate enthusiasts and are offered at a price that cannot be beaten!

Pick up any of these innovative cannabis devices from 2019 at your local Nectar Cannabis dispensary before they disappear!

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