Nectar Gift Cards Now Available Online!

Give those you love and appreciate the gift of Nectar this year — and order it online! Head over to to hook your friends and family (over the age of 21) up with a Nectar Gift Card. You can order gift cards in a variety of amounts online, or reach out to request a custom amount!

In case you’re wondering what they might be able to get within each budget, here are a few suggestions:


AVO 1 gram Preroll


Tasty’s 1:1 Chocolate Crinkle Cookie


Eighth of AVO Flower

2020 Harvest is in stores now!


Buddies 1 gram Vape Cartridge + Nectar Vape Battery


Siskiyou Sungrown Hemp CBD Tincture + Nectar Pet Leash


White Label Extracts Dabs – Create a Sampler with Shatter, Honeycomb & Sugar Sauce!

All items on Nectar menus are listed at Medical pricing or pre-tax for Recreational customers.

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