Marijuana as Medicine: Living Well With Nectar And a 100% Interesting Sit Down Talk

Nectar Supports marijuana as Medicine Nectar had the exciting opportunity to sit down and talk with Nicolette Hume with the Living Well Show, regarding using marijuana as medicine. Our District Manager, Michelle Karlebach, and our Hiring & Training Coordinator from the Nectar Academy, Myisha DeSimone, stepped up to share the wealth of their cannabis knowledge in this in-depth, informational interview.

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” Nicolette Hume, hosted a very informative and educational episode of Living Well – Marijuana as Medicine: Is it right for me? During this show she had the opportunity to chat with Michelle Karlebach, District Manager and Myisha DeSimone, Shift Lead Budtender from Nectar Cannabis Dispensary which services aims to provide the community with factual information regarding how Cannabis may improve or enhance one’s current health and well-being. This episode speakers focused on: Medicinal & Palliative Benefits, Different Cannabis Consumption Methods, and Basic Explanation of How Cannabis Affects the Body. This program is produced in collaboration by the City of Lake Oswego Adult Community Center and Tualatin Valley Community TV. For more information about the Living Well Show, please visit:…

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