Nectar Premium

Nectar branded products are a manifestation of our commitment to convenience and accessibility to excellent cannabis. With a team of expert growers and master curers, Nectar took their mission of accessibility a step further by acquiring farmland in southern Oregon where some of the highest quality cannabis in the nation is grown. This act heavily contributes to Nectar’s ability to provide premium weed at affordable prices. 

At Nectar there is a saying which is there is never a Nectar too far away. With over 30 locations, and as the #1 dispensary in Oregon Nectar ensures accessibility for customers and with a team of amazing budtenders and staff, you will always find the right purchase. While always striving to ensure accessibility and convenience, now Nectar can ensure top quality in their branded products as well. So what are you waiting for! Stop on by and let Nectar experts take care of your cannabis needs.

Nectar Gold Joints