Feel the all natural and elevated feeling that Gateway brand gummies provide. Gateway branded gummies are top of the line in terms of quality, feel, and flavor. These amazing gummies are all natural and are made by infusing real fruit puree with high-quality live resin making them 100% vegan. These amazing gummies come in 5 tasty flavors that are green apple, tangerine, blueberry, peach, and marionberry. 

Alongside these amazing flavors from Gateway, these gummies also feature different styles of bud as well as cannabinoids. Gateway offers these gummies in sativa leaning, indica leaning, and even hybrid strain options giving you options for the high you want. Some of these gummies also include CBN and CBN to add to the health benefits of the Gateway gummies. If you are looking for all natural and delicious edibles that will put your head in the clouds then Gateway is the brand for you!

Low dosage makes them gummies awesome weed for beginners options