The Oregon Cannabis Market: The Latest Issues Facing the #1 Cannabis Industry in the USA

According to reporting by OPB, the Oregon Cannabis Market is continuing to produce far more cannabis than it consumes.

How much more?  As of January 2019, and based on current cannabis consumption rates, there is a six year supply of cannabis within the Oregon Cannabis market.  While this may seem like a fantastic position to be in as a consumer, there are a surprising number of downsides to this historic glut of the Oregon cannabis market.

Every cannabis consumer who has purchased products in Oregon in the past few years can attest to the dilemma.  A perfect looking jar of sativa weed may appear absolutely satisfactory when sitting on the shelf at the local mom and pop dispensary.  Once you get home however, that illusion changes as you open the jar to realize that the cannabis therein is several seasons old.

Over time, oxygen and light cause the cannabinoids to degrade, allowing levels of CBN to rise.  This is less of an issue for indica leaning strains, as CBN can cause lethargy and give the flower a very stoney feel.  When this occurs within a sativa leaning variety, which are known for their uplifting effects, the result can be a highly unwelcome surprise.

On the flipside of this problem is the huge variation in price.  Small boutique cannabis dispensaries often avoid the ever-present stocks of old flower and instead source only new indoor flower.  This can come as a shock to customers who may be used to paying less than four dollars for a gram, only to find that a one-off cannabis dispensary is charging a huge premium on their boutique flower.

While traveling and shopping at previously unfamiliar dispensaries throughout the Oregon cannabis market, this assumption can lead to disappointment and frustration when expecting prices to fall within a normal range.

Because stocking and sourcing is handled incorrectly by many individual dispensaries, which are focused on profit rather than a state-wide brand image, they may continue to sell their stock of old flower instead of sourcing new fresh strains.  This can also lead to a lack of variety at many smaller dispensaries which may be unable to purchase a variety of new strains till their current overstocked flower is sold out.

Though this may paint a rather dire picture of the Oregon cannabis market, fear not!  There is a solution to these various pitfalls of acquiring cannabis within the beaver state.  Several larger dispensary chains, most notably Nectar, have pioneered and maintained a reputation for consistent quality and price throughout the Oregon cannabis market.  Because each of their 18 dispensary locations all adhere to the same scrupulous commitment to customers, being a cannabis consuming resident or tourist within Oregon is pain free.

Their reliable variety of products is sourced from a vetted number of suppliers and their stock of products is managed professionally, without putting profit before commitment.  If you’re the type of consumer who is hoping to walk into a cannabis dispensary knowing exactly how much the desired products will cost you, look no further than one of Nectar’s various dispensary locations.#1 In the Oregon Cannabis Market

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