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Cannabis is a federally controlled substance and, as such, Nectar does not represent or claim that cannabis has curative or therapeutic effects. The State of Oregon has allowed cannabis for medical patients since 1998 and Nectar has been proud to support medical customers since beginning operations. This page is meant to be a tool for Nectar customers seeking more information about the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program and is not meant as an endorsement of cannabis’s medical or health benefits.

All medical providers listed here are not affiliated with Nectar in any way. Medical providers listed here are not employees, independent contractors, partners, or in any other way associated with Nectar’s business. Nectar does not endorse or recommend any medical providers and is not responsible for their actions, treatments, or recommendations.

How to Get an OMMP Card

The Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP) is for patients with qualifying medical conditions.
Here is the Oregon Health Authority website that will walk you through the process. All requirements and forms are on the New Patients page.
Steps getting an OMMP Card:
Step 1: Go see a medical doctor (MD) or a Doctor of Osteopathy (DO) document your condition
Step 2: Document your ongoing treatment for your condition
Step 3: To get a CareGiver card, simply have a patient designate you as a CareGiver on his/her OMMP Application.

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